I’ve been behind the camera for 3 years, just before my first daughter was born. Her birth was the reason I wanted to learn how to work a camera. In her first year of life, I realized that I couldn’t remember everything I wanted to, but my images of her would help me to do so.

Beginning in Spring 2021, I shot my first wedding and immediately fell in love. I cried like a baby when the bride came down the aisle and knew my heart was in the right place. After that day, I thought a lot about my own wedding, the commitment Trent and I made, and how it was the start of our life together. I knew I wanted to help couples document the day they begin their lives as one. 

My hope when I pick up my camera is that I make you feel beautiful, seen, and valued. From luxury weddings across the US to small elopements right down the road, no detail is too small to be captured and remembered forever.

I believe in genuine connection and celebrating all moments. I believe no time is wasted sitting on the beach, eating as a family, or preparing a home-made meal.  I believe time is fleeting and the most important thing you can do with your memories is document them. 

photographer, wife & mama 

I'm Avery


Growing up, having a family of my own was always a dream of mine. I knew I was meant to be a mama and now I get to live out that dream every day. We love to walk our dogs together, travel to the beach, and have family movie night.

Fueling MY Soul

Family Time

I believe that life is better when animals are in it! We have a special place in our hearts for dogs and those who care for them. 5% of every wedding booked goes to the SPCA of Wake County, NC.

Fueling my Soul

Furry Friends

Celebrating is the point of life! I believe you should recognize all moments, big and small, successes, and failures. You'll always find us headed out for dinner or a drink to celebrate something!

Fueling my Soul

Pop the Bubbly

It all began with the birth of my children. The first time I laid eyes on Mary Katherine I knew I could look at her forever. As time went by, I realized although I could gaze and gaze, soon enough I wouldn't be able to remember every detail of her. This made me think about where our lives started, our marriage, and how the same thing was true. 

As you get older, children or not, your memory gets foggy as there is too much goodness to hold up there forever. Images became what I relied on to step back into the time of tiny hands, feet, and clothes. I had to rely on only a few images to remember the details of my wedding day. Looking back at all these photos I can smell, touch, and feel every part all over again. 

and then there was you...

our "why"

the heart behind what we do

- grace & ethan

Believe it or not my wedding photos are now my favorite thing we spent money on!!! She did an incredible job of making myself as well as my husband and the rest of the family feel comfortable getting our photos taken. During engagement photos and the day of the wedding, my husband (who is an ex marine mind you) was totally getting into the photos because Avery made us feel so comfortable. 

Go with Avery, you will not regret it!"

no. 1

- megan c.

Avery was so thorough right from the start. She set up a collaborative Pinterest board so that I could visually show her the photo style I was hoping for and the moments I wanted to capture. She also had me fill out a questionnaire so she could understand the timeline of events and family dynamics. Having all these important things communicated ahead of time allowed me to be hands-off and stress free the day of our event.

Avery was so sweet and all of our guests loved her!"

no. 2

Kind Words

My first camera was a Fisher Price film camera for kids that took real photos! It had to be wound to advance the film and even had a flash bulb! My family and I  traveled across the country to National Parks shooting rolls and rolls of film together. Albums full of prints still exist at my parents house to this day.

I started second shooting weddings with my youngest sister, Rachael, eight years ago. At first it was just fun to spend more time with my sister, but I quickly fell in LOVE with weddings. When she moved to California I took a break, but in July 2021 I jumped at a last minute opportunity to associate shoot a wedding and haven’t looked back!

My goal is to serve you well! I spend more time with you than anyone else on your wedding day. It is so important to me that I attend to your needs, read situations, and problem solve to ensure you can savor your day just as much as you will cherish your photos later!

I believe that how you do something is just as important as what you do. I believe growing and preserving your own food is one of life’s simple pleasures. I believe a smile and a kind word, while seemingly small, can be a blessing to others.

second and associate photographer

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