I capture the genuine and unfiltered moments of your wedding day. I prioritize candid connection and relationships, shown through photo and film making. I use a documentary approach to capturing your wedding day, leaving room for you to be present and enjoy every moment.


Welcome to MY website, I'm avery.

Although coffee and a good meal rule our household, so much more does making memories and savoring each moment. Time at home is a pillar for our family, but so is taking time to travel, relax, and unwind while exploring what the world has to offer. I can often be found trying a new food (or appreciating an old favorite) while out with friends. I love a red blend wine and my cozy pajamas. 

And I can't wait to get to know you!

I’m Avery

- sadye & will

She listed to my needs, was super thorough when asking questions, and was patient with me when my answer was "I don't know!" It was important to me that the pursuit of the "perfect shot" did not get in the way of our wedding day and I explained to Avery that I wanted her to capture the day exactly as it happened with minimal posed photos. 

she captured raw, genuine moments in such an artistic way"

no. 1

- taylor & chris

She's the best hype girl without being too pushy, she captures each moment without any of it feeling forced, and she makes the entire experience fun. Even my husband, who gets tired of photos after about 5 minutes, said he enjoyed doing it. If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT. You'll have no regrets!

she captures each moment without any of it feeling forced"

no. 2

- michele & tim

She was calm, supportive, again super organized and had a great assistant. She was energetic and by that time she was used to myself and my partner and was able to capture great shots. Every wedding website I read said don't scrimp on a photographer and they were right. Aspects of the wedding are a blur and looking at her photos, I'm able to remember and savor so much. 

looking at her photos I am able to savor so much"

no. 1

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