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I have a sweet tooth that I sometimes can't control. Hot fudge sundae with a warm brownie? Count me in. All desserts call my name.

anything sweet


I grew up going to the beach and look forward to our annual trip each summer. I hope to give my girls the same memories near the water. 

the beach


I have two dogs, Moose and Ash, and am a dog girl all the way! I am the person who will stop to love on any puppy I see, and I'm not sorry!

my fur babies


My faith helps me live in the moment and not worry about the future. My family is and always will be my number one priority.

faith & family


I'm a believer, girl mama, and lover of coffee and wine. I've been a photographer of babies and families since 2018 and moved to weddings in spring of 2021. Before diving into photography I was a first grade teacher for 5 years, taking some time off to have my baby girls, Mary Katherine and Makenna James. I've been married to my dream husband for 4 years and am so blessed to have the family that I do. My husband, Trent, enjoys hunting and taking the girls on walks around the neighborhood. We love spending time outside together. We love to cook as a family (ok, I don't really cook, but Trent does!) and go to the playground. We are definitely in the toddler stage of life and we love it. Everything is busy is the best way. I'd love for you to read four facts about me below to see if we have anything in common!

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