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Considering full weekend coverage from your photographer? We’re here to convince you why you should.

After photographing dozens of welcome parties, many of those being our L’Aventure Collection, we’ve compiled a list of three simple reasons why you need it. We got help from couples we’ve served to explain why they invested in weekend coverage and if it was worth it. We’re so excited to share with you below!

Three reasons why weekend coverage is hands down worth the expense:

  1. You get more moments documented. Having your welcome party included in your photographers contract means more moments captured. Speeches, welcomes, toasts, and more are often left to the hands of your uncle’s cell phone, and that’s just not good enough. The anticipation and importance of the evening deserves a professional. Telling your whole story allows the perfect retelling of your wedding weekend to friends and family years down the road.
  2. Rehearsal = rehearsal. Being with your photographer the night before ALWAYS leads to better photos the next day. You are literally rehearsing your flow and communication at your rehearsal. If you had an engagement session, you’ve now been in front of your photographer’s camera twice, your wedding day being the third- talk about knowing exactly what to do and how to work together. Having your photographer meet your wedding party, friends, and family beforehand is just an added bonus. Everyone is one thousand times more comfortable in front of the camera the next day.
  3. You get more guests documented. One thing Taylor (a past bride) mentioned was that she loved getting some group shots taken care of the night before- we all know family portrait and group photo time can be overwhelming if not done correctly! We had a short list to photograph which relieved portrait stress on the actual wedding day. Guests felt included and important when getting their photo with the couple and it was one less thing we had to do the next day.

Some final thoughts about weekend coverage- just do it.

Hear from our brides:

“She was very punctual and stuck to the timeline she created perfectly. Never once did I feel stressed that we were running behind and I truly think it’s because she helped everyone stay on track so we could be ready for pictures on time.”

“They kept us on time and even got photos I didn’t think we’d have time for. The entire team was so kind and I was genuinely so sad to hug Avery goodbye after we exited because I’d miss getting to talk to her as often as I did leading up to our wedding.”

“It let us get our very long photo list checked off while not taking hours worth of photos on our wedding day, which was 1 of our biggest goals of the weekend. I LOVE photos, but I didn’t want that to be our entire wedding focus so this gave us the best of both worlds.”

“We wanted the opportunity to get pictures with all of our guests, but we also wanted to ensure we wouldn’t be pulled away from dancing all night long just for photos. Having Avery at both allowed us to enjoy our wedding day so much more! We also wanted to remember the entire wedding weekend in as much detail as possible, and what better way to do that than to have it all captured on camera.”

Looking for a timeline of the weekend? Connect with us via our contact page here!

Venues featured: Teca West Chester, Lulu BangBang, The Brice House


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