Maria & Edgar- Engagement Portraits


Take me to a city that I love to waltz around with you and my camera? I'm there, especially if you're bringing champagne! 

What a way to start a weekend! Rehearsal dinners and welcome parties are up and coming for having your photographer there to capture the evening. Welcoming guests you that you haven’t seen in some time is exactly the thing we love to capture. Mingling, toasts, and time spent with one another were in abundance at […]

Oh, Maria and Edgar! The sweetest souls and most fun couple to waltz around Charlotte with! To celebrate their engagement, we started out in Freedom Park, an expansive area of paths, water, and greenery to explore. This park is just south of downtown Charlotte, which is where we headed right after to catch a perfect […]

Soft colors and European inspired design transformed the Austin T. Finch House in Thomasville, North Carolina to a secret garden perfect for an intimate ceremony. This early Spring styled shoot was featured on The White Wren last Spring and we are reliving it today! Shoot design by C&D Events West and Avery Wooten Fine Art […]